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New! MicroJavaEmulator

MicroJavaEmulator Applet is a next generation of interactive internet components aimed to change and enrich user's experience with web surfing and online gaming, which provides easy way to show demo/full versions of J2ME games/applications online.
Full emulation of real devices, fully operable virtual keypad, custom designs similar to real devices - all this will bring unforgettable gaming experience to the customers trying your product online and as result will boost your sales.
Emulator provides a set of skins to emulate most popular models of handsets as well as implements all vendor specific features for these handsets. So, you can choose, what builds of J2ME application from available ones, should be present online to best fit your business needs and to maximally depict all the best features of Java application.
It is never was so easy to present J2ME applications online with saving all its functionality, including full support for playing sounds! Applet was implemented using pure 100% Java and with maximal portability in mind and, as result, will run in almost any web browser and in any operating system currently present on the market.
Fully transparent application startup and automatic download of needed components (Java Runtime Environment 1.5) will make it easy for the customer to use MicroJavaEmulator Applet and doesn't require any additional knowledge from him/her to perform such a task. The Java Runtime Environment will be downloaded just once and only if client's system doesn't already have the one installed.

Here you can find real examples of J2ME games emulation by Online J2ME Emulator.