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New! Active Tone
ActiveTone application for Symbian handsets

Have you already been bored from dull audio ringtones making your phone looking as other ones? Then you certainly should try our cutting edge ActiveTones application, which allows you to even more personalize your mobile gadget by assigning videos to the incoming calls alerts. With ActiveTones you can assign videos to every person in your contact list or, more generally, to every profile. Thus, every time when your phone is ringing, it will bring you pleasant moments by displaying videos, even those ones, which you have crafted themselves with your CameraPhone.
ActiveTone is a Symbian application packaged and delivered as standard '.sis' file, so its installation doesn't require any additional skills from end user.

ActiveTone studio for Windows

With this easy to use application it is possible to create your own ActiveTones just in few steps.
You can put any videos in 3gp format inside ActiveTone application and install it to your gadget. If there is already installed another ActiveTone application you can simply update it without removing - in this case it will simply add your new videos to the list of already available ones.
Here you can see some screenshots of ActiveTone studio for Windows.

Supported handsets

  • Nokia N70, N72, N91, 3250, 6260, 3230, 6682, 6680, 6681, 6670, 6630, 7610, 6620, 6600
  • Panasonic X700, Z800