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New game Spy ZONE: Behind the Dark

United Nations has received reconnaissance data about developing of new highly technological weapon by one of developing countries in the Middle East region. This weaponry can be used to conduct tremendous terrorist's attacks. The World is in danger and your mission is to save billions of innocents.
You are leader of stealth-squad and your mission is to steal new weaponry's data from highly secured military base. During this mission you should enter secured perimeter and steal hard copy with technological data using all available means. But remember, everything should be done in silence to avoid disclosing. Conduct your team members to divert the guards' attention and follow instructions received before each level in order to complete your mission.


  • Exciting levels with lot of puzzles to be solved.
  • Secret places and ability to change location of surrounding objects.
  • Tricky quests to be solved during each mission.
  • Thrilling dynamic gameplay and unforgettable game atmosphere.
  • Three difficulty levels from novice to veteran.
  • Save game option.
  • In-game tips.
  • Consistent and intuitive user interface.
  • Marvelous graphics.
  • Great soundtrack and sfx.
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  Fire At Will

An international terrorist organization fortifies highly clandestine base on the one of beautiful tropical islands to commence research of thermonuclear weapon. But international antiterrorist organization discloses its plans and sends an elite squad of military personnel equipped with the cutting edge in weaponry to protect the world from thermonuclear danger.
You are commander of squad's vanguard and your mission is to clean island coast before arrival of main forces. So, take your weapon and shoot'em all.

Game Features

Game features 17 exciting action missions. In each mission you should clean up three sectors of the beach from highly armored terrorists. In each sector you should shoot particular count of enemy units before new sector / mission starts. Make sure to pick up ammunition and first-aids before your bullets or health comes to zero. Don't miss mega bombs, which allow cleaning of all visible area from enemies. From mission to mission weaponry of terrorists will become more advanced and you should be on the edge to fight against them. After successful completion of current mission game will be automatically saved - that allows you to continue your combat later.
Game represents 4 enemy units with different hit point values. Furthermore there are three difficulty levels present in the game.
When your game is over you will be able to store your results into table of honor and show your achievements to other.
All this in conjunction with top-quality graphics will give you new unforgettable gaming experience.


  • 17 exciting action missions
  • 3 sectors in each mission to 'clean up'
  • A lot of enemy objects including troops, armored troop-carriers, tanks, cannons
  • Amazing war climate in all the game, including menu, briefing screens and missions
  • Saving the game after each mission completion
  • In game help
  • Sounds, vibrations on / off options
  • Table of honor with five best results
  • Top-quality graphics
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