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  Dany The Dragon

Once upon a time little dragon Dany decided to make a trip to meet with his girlfriend Amy. But a lot of obstacles stand on his way.
Help little Dany to meet his girlfriend Amy by avoiding all dangerous traps and collecting various powerups. Do this as fast as you can and Amy will be happy...

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  Masyanya Skates

Famous Masyanya now is on your handset. Help Masyanya and her friend Hrundel to find a way through the city, avoiding various obstacles and fury pets. Collect all bonuses and get higher skills in skating.
Show your friends that you are the best skater who ever lived on the Earth!

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  Stan Skates

Ollie, barrel roll and kickflip our intrepid hero through the streets of Hollchester to avoid the obstacles and collect the bonuses in this cool skateboard game. The harder the trick, the more points you score!.
J2ME code development by NewGround from an original game by Rancon (London), all rights are reserved by © copyright Rancon Ltd 2004.

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  Jungle Dream

Once upon a time little Leo decides to make a journey to solve ancient secret about his family. The only one creature in all the jungles can help him with this - the Ancient Dragon, which lives deep in the jungles in the ruins of lost city. Help little Leo to finish his long journey through magic wood avoiding various obstacles and collecting magic crystals.

Game Features

Game features three different magic worlds to discover and feature amazing magic climate. Each world represents unique obstacles and surroundings. So start your journey and try collecting all crystals, which falls from flying lanterns when you break them. There are three types of crystals can be hidden inside lanterns: red - gives extra energy, blue - gives shield for a while (indicated by blue circle around player) and yellow - gives bonus scores. The color of lantern and crystal inside are the same. Make sure to avoid all flying and rolling obstacles by jumping and flying left and right. When you hit an obstacle you will lose energy and will be unable to shed lanterns and collect magic crystals for a short period (marked by red circle around player). You can perform two types of jump - short jump, when you press just once and long jump if you press twice while you are running or again during short jump. Long jump allows you to shed lanterns which hover too high, while the short jump allows you to avoid collisions with rolling stones and to shed low flying lanterns. Notice that your vital energy will fall down during running thus you should enrich you energy by collecting red crystals hiding inside red lanterns. During your trip the speed will gradually increase to bring in game even more challenge and dynamic. After completion of your journey you will be able to store your score into table of top scores and share your results with friends.
You can try your skills with three difficulty levels featured in the game, which allows you to play this game again and again.
So try you skills in this exiting dynamic game with top quality graphics and remarkable sound effects and we sure that you will have unforgettable gaming experience.


  • Three game worlds with unique set of obstacles and surroundings
  • Three types of bonuses
  • Variety of obstacles with unique characteristics and behavior
  • Simple control over hero movements, two jump types
  • Clear and intuitive indication of player states
  • Table of honor, where player can store his/her results
  • In game help
  • Remarkable sound effects
  • Music/Sounds/Vibration on/off options
  • Top quality graphics
  • Consistent user interface
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