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New game The Lost World - Mystery of Maya

An ancient manuscript has been found during exploration of Maya's ruin and has been fallen into hands of Mr. Scott - the famous adventurer. From this manuscript he has got to know that there was a Lost World full of ancient secrets and treasures hidden inside virgin jungles of Columbia. Take an unforgettable tour along with Mr. Scott into untouched lands and try to find an answer on ancient mysteries
But beware, the lot of traps is waiting for you and lot of mysterious creatures will stay on your path. So, be brave and try to solve all puzzles and collect all ancient amulets, avoid monsters and falling blocks, push blocks to kill these awful monsters and innumerable treasures will be yours.

We hope this game will bring you a lot of fun and very pleasant gaming experience.

  • Ten challenging and exiting missions
  • Completely destroyable walls
  • Three types of intelligent opponents
  • A lot of puzzles to solve
  • Extraordinary graphics and game atmosphere
  • Consistent and intuitive user interface
  • Marvelous music and sound effects
  • Thrilling user interface
  • Save game feature
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New game Olsens at the Opera

This exciting game is a sequel of 'Olsen Banden' game, based on another story from famous screenplay. Now you should arrange robbery of ancient vase from opera theatre.
We hope that this title full of humor and action in combination with exciting terraforming facility will give you a lot of fun. And, of course, as usually you will find beautiful graphics, marvelous soundtrack and unforgettable gaming experience.

  • Thrilling gameplay
  • Completely destroyable walls
  • Pseudo 3-D environment
  • Beautiful surrounds and highly detailed personages
  • Great soundtrack
  • Consistent and intuitive user interface
  • Beautiful graphics and marvelous sfx

All rights are reserved by © copyright Nordisk Film 2005.

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  Olsen Banden

Olsen Banden is an arcade game based on famous screenplay of the same name. This game gives you a chance of personal participation in legendary story. Full of humor, action, with marvelous graphics - you will play this game over and over.

  • Interesting and exciting game story based on famous screenplay
  • A lot of quests to solve
  • Pseudo 3-D game engine
  • Beautiful surrounds and highly detailed personages
  • Consistent and intuitive user interface
  • Great sfx

All rights are reserved by © copyright Nordisk Film 2005.

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Fast reaction, strategic thinking - all this you will apply in this incredible and brilliant arcade game. Unforgettable ten levels and exciting gameplay will give you a lot of fun and pleasure.
There are a lot of variants to solve all levels and beat your opponent so you can play this game over and over and every time it will challenge you in new way.
Game supports all major European languages, so you can choose your native language by simple click in game menu - newer it was so easy!

  • Interesting, exciting and non-linear gameplay
  • Highly intelligent opponent
  • Unforgettable ten levels
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Consisted and intuitive user interface
  • Great sfx
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  TUTENSTEIN: Escape from the underworld

This game based on famous cartoon title will immerse you in the mysteries of ancient Egypt. You will follow the life of little mummy-boy called Tutenstein in his attempt to solve ancient secret of his life. But this will not be so easy - to help him you must use all your potential to avoid the lot of traps and highly intelligent opponents waiting for you...
Thus try to solve all puzzles, collect all bonuses and avoid enemies in order to help mummy-boy to uncover his history.

  • Two types of highly intelligent opponents
  • Nine types of powerups and bonuses
  • Exciting fifteen levels
  • Marvelous graphics
  • Clear and intuitive user interface
  • Prodigious sfx

Tutenstein © and (tm) 2005 PorchLight Entertainment Inc.

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  TUTENSTEIN: Reviving

NewGround proudly announce release of new action game 'Tutenstein: Reviving'. This title is a sequel of previously released game 'Tutenstein: Escape from the underworld' and as in previous game main hero is a little mummy-boy and you should help him in his new life after reviving.
But beware, your way is full of dangers - intelligent monsters, laser traps, puzzles - all this will keep you under pressure during all the game. Thus show your best and help mummy-boy to survive in real world.
As usually, game presents highest quality graphics, thrilling gameplay and prodigious sound effects.

  • Interesting story
  • Highly intelligent opponents
  • Laser traps
  • Pseudo 3-D engine
  • Consistent and intuitive user interface
  • Great graphics
  • Highly detailed sprites
  • Marvelous sfx

Tutenstein © and (tm) 2005 PorchLight Entertainment Inc.

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  Forest Man

Tom-toms are thundering in jungles - all jungle inhabitants gather for the big holiday Magic Orange. Animals want to run competition - which is picks up more oranges. You should help that guy from jungle to collect oranges and win the competition becoming most adroit jungle inhabitant.
Brightly colored graphics, funny animation, impressed sound effects take you to the Wild world. Collect oranges as much as you can, do not miss magic bonuses tossed up by laughing vulture, do not forget about funny monkey that will help you to be the best in competition.
We hope this game will help you to relax for the minute and leave loud town for a virgin jungle world.

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  Thor's Hammer

Loke is a God - but he is the God of mischief, evil, and fire - you could never really trust. He used to make fun of everything and loves to play jokes and make mischief.
However, he did this excessively and lost all of his goodness and became completely, selfish, malevolent, and evil.
Now Odin and Thor has captured him in a hill and tied him with magic chains. However one day - in present time - he is set free and he pops up from the hill.
Now you need to use Thors Hammer (called Mjolner) to hit Loke on the head to keep him down.
But take care - sometimes Loke changes himself to a Ravn - and othertimes it may not be Loke who pops up the hill!

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  Dino Adventure

Dino Adventure is an amusing game that offer lots of hours of great fun.
As the Global Warming grows, the permanent ice on the Poles starts melting. From the ice appears dinosaurs that been frozen for millions of years. Scientists and people from museums around the world are flocking to get it on this scientific miracle.
William is a scientist searching for find dinosaur eggs. The dinosaurs are not happy about this: if they catch William, it will be fatal for the scientist. Luckily, dinosaurs by birth are not very social creatures. If two dinosaurs meet they will most likely attack each other.
DinoAdventure is one of those rare games that are quite simple, but which will keep you busy for a long time. The game can go on for ever with its difficulty level constantly increasing. Let's see how far you can go?
DinoAdventure is in Danish, English, French, Spanish and German - with great music !!

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  Pacman Willy

This new Mobile Classic games, Pacman Willy, is a fun version of the famous Pacman game. In this game you take the place of Willy trying to make it in the big city...
...and it can be a scary place and survival is only for the fittest. You need to help Willy survive!

There is a lot of fun around:
  • free meal, pies: give Willy another life
  • wine: he is invincible
  • telephones: 100 bonuses
  • clocks: make monsters slower
YES, there are also monsters in the streets, they chase Willy everywhere. Help Willy to finish with meal and come to another interesting level.
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One player local game. Bugs are attacking you and getting closer to you with each your step. There is only one way to stop them, that is to use 'Bug Launcher' you have to re-unite them with three or more of their kind.
J2ME code development by NewGround from an original game by Rancon (London), all rights are reserved by © copyright Rancon Ltd 2003.

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  Prince & Princess

Once upon a time there was a handsome Crown Prince, who had been a Crown Prince for a very long time. He had traveled around the world and finally found his loved one. He now thought that it was time for him to take over the Crown, and the new Crown Princess agreed. His mother, the Queen, decided to test the Crown Prince. "Catch!", she said, and threw the Crown - and the Crown Prince run for the throne!

Game Features

The game features ten exiting levels where gamer should help Prince to catch particullar amount of crowns to complete level. But not all so easy, from level to level it will harder and harder to fulfil this task.


  • Multiple levels with increasing difficulty
  • Top scores table
  • Sounds, music on / off options
  • Great title music
  • Top-quality graphics
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Mission: Mars

UFO in Martian sky should fight city towers with laser gun in order to clean place for landing. After safe landing new mission will be waiting for you.
J2ME code development by NewGround from an original game by Rancon (London), all rights are reserved by © copyright Rancon Ltd 2003.

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  Arctic X-mas

Help Santa to pass through variety of labyrinths and collect all presents in this superbly fun and attractive arcade puzzle game!
Make sure to solve all puzzles and collect all presents before time is up. Avoid walruses, pinguins and falling ice blocks. Push ice blocks to kill monsters. Watch out for blocking your way and for hatching pinguins from white eggs.
You can collect near presents or clear filling not only by stepping on its place, but also by entering in the 'Fire mode' and subsequent pressing on direction specifying keys (see bellow).
Use 2, 4, 6, 8 or the directional keys to move the player. Use * (star key) to enter in/exit from 'Fire mode' and # (pound key) to commit suicide before time is up. Press the left menu key at any time to pause the game, press the right menu key to return back to the main menu.


  • 37 fun and increasingly complex levels was designed with special attention to ensure countless hours of fun for every player.
  • Game has beatiful graphics and marvellous sound effects.
  • Sounds, vibrations on / off options
  • Your game is automatically saved after each level and allows to replay last 10 levels.
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One player local game will let you try to deliver real eggs from one basket to another. Baskets are moving and it is not easy to throw up the egg and hit to the basket.

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One player game opens you depth of ocean. We are all living in yellow submarine. Mysterious adventure - that what you need. Take care of your little yellow submarine, avoid collisions with surrounding cavern and collect all types of bonuses.

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One player game leads you through cave with dangerous corners. Player should carefully take care of fireball and prevent it from hitting with cave's corners since the only light player has is fireball.

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